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The de-facto visa is suitable for couples who are living together, when one of them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

The application process consists of two parts – the sponsorship and the visa application. The Australian citizen or permanent resident acts as the sponsor.

This visa is initially valid for a two year period. During this time you are able to live and work in Australia. After two years, your application will be re-assessed and should your circumstances still be the same, and the relationship still be continuing, your visa will be made permanent.

You will apply for both the temporary and permanent visa at the same time.

To support your de-facto visa application, you must provide a variety of evidence including:

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  • Documents to confirm you have been living together for at least 12 months immediately prior to application
  • Witness statements from family & friends confirming your relationship
  • Relationship statements from each of you
  • Joint financial/legal commitments
  • Evidence of sponsor's employment
  • Knowledge of each other's personal circumstances

The fees for the de facto visa are:

£ 60.00 initial registration fee
$6865.00 AUD government fee (£ 3900.00 approx)
£ 995.00administration fee (payable in two parts)

Extra expenses apply if your application is submitted from inside Australia.

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